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Weld Symbols

開発者 Easy Engineering
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Weld Symbols is an App that lets you choose a weld symbol and see what the resulting weld will look like. The App automatically generates dimensioned drawings with a “3D” view based on your input.The App is easy to use! Weld Symbols is useful for Welders, Drafters, Designers, Engineers, Teachers & Students. It is possible to generate, learn and communicate hundreds of weld scenarios using the Weld Symbols App.
There are 17 major “Weld Type” categories:Bevel Groove WeldFillet WeldFlange Corner WeldFlange Edge WeldFlare Bevel Groove WeldFlare V Groove WeldJ Groove WeldPlug WeldScarf Groove WeldSeam WeldSlot WeldSpot Projection WeldSquare Groove WeldStud WeldSurfacing WeldU Groove WeldV Groove Weld
There are 6 “Edge Preparation” sub categories:Inside CornerOutside CornerButt JointEdge JointLap Joint“T” Joint